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The partners of Sustin, Bartell & Fitzgerald, Ltd and Winbridge Partners, LLC are pleased to announce the completion of a merger of our firms. The merger reunites Brendan Fitzgerald, Joe Silvaggio and Rich Weinberg after nearly fifteen years. We have positioned our new firm to continue serving your needs while adding flexibility to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business landscape. As part of our strategic vision, we will operate under the name WINBRIDGE SBF LTD, effective January 1, 2023. By merging our two organizations, we will be in a unique position to not only continue the reliable and professional accounting, tax, and consulting services you have long experienced, but also add a customized approach to help grow your business and achieve your personal financial goals.

Sustin, Bartell & Fitzgerald, Ltd. has been practicing for over thirty years in the Cleveland area under the leadership of its founders Ken Sustin and Larry Bartell. Under their leadership, the firm provided an unparalleled level of service and redefined what you came to expect from your trusted tax and accounting advisers.

Winbridge Partners LLC, founded by Rich Weinberg, is a highly successful professional firm offering tax, accounting, and consulting services with recognized expertise in fund administration for private investment funds with back-office capabilities for fund managers and their operating companies.

Another exciting change is the relocation of our offices to Independence, Ohio. It has been a challenging endeavor to physically merge two successful companies and the process has been both humbling and empowering. We look forward to serving you with a collective staff enhanced by our union.

We look forward to the new opportunities the future holds for our new firm and our staff, but most importantly for our clients, as we focus our combined efforts to simplify solutions in a complex world.

Client Centric

We work to help our clients move forward.  Supporting and spurring their growth defines our success.



Set a conversational tone.  Provide guidance with a friendly demeanor.  Build a trusted network of individuals and organizations.  Ensure clients know we have their best interest in mind at all times.


Share Knowledge

Build and share knowledge.  Share with clients, prospects, team members, and other service providers.


Long-Term Approach

Establish and build long-term relationships.  Approach introductions and conversations with the intent you will still be working together in ten years.



Do what you say you will do.  Be reliable - always.



Everyone has different business needs and goals.  Adapt your approach to help people succeed no matter the circumstance.